The purpose of this site was to show otoscopic images of common and also very rare lesions of the middle ear in children and to propose their treatment. The site should be treated as educational and is intended for physicians, especially pediatricians, generally practitioners but also for younger colleagues, students and ENT residents. The author is an ENT specialist, experienced otosurgeon with special interest in pediatric otology. All these pictures were taken by the author, they are authentic, no corrected photographs of middle ear diseases of the children, images that you can see during otoscopy in your own practice. All these children were treated and operated by the author. Each image has a brief description with symptoms. I also proposed the treatment – based on my own experience and data from literature. I realize that the treatment of various disease entities may differ depending on the country and experience of the doctors, but I believe that this small atlas will help to take some therapeutic decisions. You can use it free but cannot not copy or distribute in any way any of the photos from this atlas. I will appreciate your comments.

Marek Porowski, MD, Ph.D.